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Powerhouse Museum’s future remains unclear

The PSA has written to Lisa Havilah to highlight and seek resolution to a list of concerns as she was unable to attend the most recent Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) as some of the issues raised were taken on notice.

Of the matters were raised, some have been discussed at previous JCCs, some stem from the announcement by newly elected Minns Government that Parramatta Powerhouse would be an institution with its own identity. Seeking clarification of the plans for the renovation of Ultimo and specifically how changes will impact staff working for the Powerhouse across all sites.

The letter was sent before the Government publicly released the timetable for redevelopment, calling for transparency around the planned build. Community consultation is occurring in the coming weeks with the Government to have the final say on the project. Despite this, the movement of staff from the Ultimo site and preparations for its closure are still underway.

Before the election, Labor said it holds “concerns over the shift in focus from a science and engineering museum to what will essentially be an event space with a fashion and design focus”. The party also said it supports “investment into the Ultimo site”.

The PSA has raised these issues with Arts Minister John Graham. We are still seeking the opportunity to meet, along with your Delegates, to make the case for investment in Ultimo without a full closure of the site.

The issues of the letter will be familiar to you as they have been discussed at previous member meetings, they include,

  • Visitor Services Officers. Both current and future concerns.
  • Temporary contracts extensions, request for this to occur soon. PSA has previously raised with Powerhouse and John Graham when he was shadow Art Minister that Cultural Institutions receiving information about their budgets on an annual basis forces staff onto temporary contracts due to lack of clarity around future funding thus creating insecure work.
  • Damage to the collections.
  • Redrafting of Role Descriptions after people have been place into new roles.
  • Updated recruitment timetable and related Role Descriptions we are still waiting on.
  • People Matter Employment Survey results.
  • Disability Action Plan requested.
  • Fire Safety and risk assessment for emergency evacuation given the low number VSOs.
  • Castle Hill Facilities.
  • Future of the Ultimo site.
  • Possible change of direction for Parramatta site.

The PSA would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your service to NSW. The future of your organisation and your place in it has been uncertain for too long. We greatly admire your resilience and perseverance.

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