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Prison Officers Vocational Branch: Executive Overseer Position

Executive Overseer Position - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

In November 2020 the PSA/Prison Officers Vocational Branch (POVB) met with representatives from all sub branches for the POVB Management Committee meeting.

At the meeting it was put to the delegates that the Executive should have a seventh position. The position recommended is Vice Chairperson Overseer.

This position is for an overseer only to hold. This decision was made as it was felt we needed to have a better representation on the Executive who has a full understanding of the role and needs of Overseers.

The delegates agreed unanimously to have the position.

For the past year and half the PSA/POVB Executive has been utilising Clinton Lamb – Overseer at Bathurst as the country representative to the DTM. We have also been utilising Andrew Golgini – Overseer at MRRC as the metropolitan delegate to represent at the DTM.

It was put to the delegates to have Clinton Lamb to hold the position until the POVB Executive election is conducted in early 2021. This was unanimously agreed to.

We want to congratulate and thank Clinton for taking on the role. He has been such a great assistance in the past 12 months taking up overseer issues and assisting us in these matters.

CSI holds monthly meetings with the POVB Executive and Clinton will now attend these meetings.

If any overseers have any issues that they wish to raise do not hesitate in contacting him for them to be raised in this forum.

Contact details

Clinton Lamb Vice Chairperson Overseer
0400 709 144

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