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PSA bulletin Casuarina Grove work bans

Casuarina Grove work bans October 2015 (PDF version)

At a PSA/ADHC general meeting held at Casuarina Grove (Supported Living Centre) with PSA members on 7 September 2015 a motion was put forward calling for work bans at the centre.

The motion reads as follows:

“That the members at Casuarina Grove stop any work on any accreditation processes that will assist in facilitating the privatisation of the centre.”

The motion was supported unanimously and, as such, the PSA is directing members to ban any work related to the accreditation process.

This ban applies to all members employed at Casuarina Grove and all members are encouraged to support this ban.

This ban was placed into effect by members to express their opposition to the privatisation of Casuarina Grove and of ADHC.

Banning the Accreditation process will not impact or hurt the clients living at the Centre, as the accreditation process is aimed at replacing an existing process. The existing process will continue to ensure that WH&S and reporting obligations are still met.

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