PSA/CPSU NSW Retired Associates – August/September Update - Public Service Association

PSA/CPSU NSW Retired Associates – August/September Update

Retired Associates met at PSA House and by Zoom on Tuesday, 22 August 2023.

PSA President Nicole Jess and Acting Assistant General Secretary Thane Pearce gave an update which included reference to:

  • the establishment of the Industrial Relations Taskforce led by Anna Booth, former Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission and Roger Boland, former President of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission;
  • upcoming conferences at PSA House;
  • The Voice Referendum – the Yes campaign has been endorsed by Aboriginal Council and Central Council; and
  • the PSA’s intention to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan.

We agreed on representatives who would be observers/delegates at upcoming conferences/meetings including the Women’s Conference, Mental Health Conference and the Annual General Meeting of the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association.

We also received updated advice about value added benefits which are available to Retired Associates.  These include:

Red Tape

One free consultation about any non-industrial legal matter at McNallys

Free basic will

Union Shopper

Banking Discounts – Australian Mutual Bank

Provident Fund ($4000) – up to age 70 only

Foundation House – immediate family members who reside with them

Gidget Foundation – Free service on GP’s referral – 10 sessions


Raging Waters


Welfare Rights Centre

Zembl – (formerly Make it Cheaper) energy comparison switch

Primi – Italian Restaurant at 99 on York Club


In addition, Retired Associates have access to:

Stella Insurances – extra discount 10 per cent on insurances for Car and Pet Insurance;

and Personal and Accident Insurance which is available to all financial retired members up to age 75.

For further information please refer to

Our intention is to have a greater focus on the availability of these benefits to encourage more people to join the Retired Associates.

The approved minutes of the meeting held on 27 June 2023 are attached HERE.  The draft minutes of meeting held on 22 August are attached HERE.

The next meeting of the Retired Associates will be held on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at PSA House commencing at the earlier time of 10.00 am with the option of joining by Zoom.

Carmel McKeough
PSA/CPSU NSW Retired Associates

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