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PSA – Fighting for Jobs

PSA – Fighting for Jobs

The Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) has been making representations for casuals to remain employed and engaged during the shutdown.

While the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) committed to paying casuals on roster to April 1, they also distributed information via Sharepoint that casuals were not entitled to special leave. This blanket statement is incorrect.

MAAS is required to consider whether an employee is a true casual, that is that they have been carrying out irregular, intermittent, short-term, urgent or other work as and when required.

MAAS has many casual employees who have worked regular, systematic shifts every month for up to 16 years. Many of these casuals should have been converted to ongoing employment already.

The PSA’s position is clear. All long term casuals that have been employed in a systematic, regular fashion should be found other duties, or in the event that none can be found, they are entitled to the special leave provisions as set out in the Premiers Circular.

While MAAS Management maintain that casuals are not generally entitled to paid special leave, they have subsequently agreed to conduct a detailed review of casual employees. They will review on a case by case basis whether each casual employee may have any further entitlement to paid special leave. This review will take into account each employees tenure, whether they have worked regular and systemic shifts, and their average earnings over the prior six-month period. They will complete this review by COB on Friday the 27th of March, with a view of communicating with affected employees on Monday 30 March.

The PSA welcomes any opportunity to ensure that our members maintain a deserved pay cheque and are not added to the unemployment statistics.

In this review, the PSA will advocate for any casual PSA member who believes they fit the above description. If you know a casual who has not joined the PSA, show them this bulletin and ask them to join today.



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