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PSA quits ADHC transfer consultation committee

PSA quits ADHC transfer consultation committee – December 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA has written to NSW Treasury to formally withdraw from the Disability Services Transfer Consultative Committee.

While the committee was supposedly set up to discuss issues relating to the privatisation and transfer of disability services to the non-government sector, the reality was anything but genuine consultation.

The decision to quit the committee was taken after NSW Treasury and FACS repeatedly blocked attempts by the PSA to consult over the transfer package entitlements of staff.

The PSA’s Disability Services State Delegate Council unanimously voted to withdraw from further participation in the committee following submissions to the Industrial Relations Commission from NSW Treasury’s legal representatives which effectively killed off any chance of meaningful consultation over the transfer arrangements for disability services staff.

We understand the agencies (NSW Treasury and FACS) were acting on the instructions of the NSW Government.

The PSA is disappointed that our efforts to engage in good faith discussions over a decision that deeply affects the lives of around 14,000 public sector disability services staff has been dismissed by the NSW Government.

We felt that to continue attending a committee where the major employment concerns of our members were officially ‘off limits’ would lend credibility to a process we believe is ultimately designed to strip FACS disability services staff of employment security, redundancy entitlements, pay rates and conditions of employment.

We are not prepared to sell our members short and rubber stamp a dud deal for FACS workers.

We will continue to fight, each and every day for quality government run disability services, and a better deal for the dedicated staff who deliver them.

See our open letter to Premier Mike Baird published in Saturday’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald HERE.

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