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PSA stands ready to assist during CXU restructuring

On 14 March 2024, the PSA sent a bulletin to all members in Customer Delivery and Transformation (CDT) regarding the proposed restructuring of the Customer Experience Unit (CXU). We sought feedback and concerns from impacted employees during the consultation period.

As of 12:00pm on March 27, 2024, the consultation period closed without any concerns raised from members. However, the PSA is actively seeking further information regarding the support and expectations from the mobility process.

Moving forward together

We want to assure our members that the PSA will continue to stay engaged and maintain contact with the Department throughout the mobility process.

We strongly encourage our members to reach out to us at any point with any concerns or for advice and support during future implementation.  You can get in touch with us by contacting the PSA Member Support Centre at or phoning 1800 772 679.

Government Workforce Mobility Placement Policy

The new Workforce Mobility Placement (WMP) Policy will play a key role in outcomes for impacted employees. Your industrial representatives will ensure that all efforts are made in line with this policy and relevant legislation. You can access the WMP HERE.

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