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Requirements for medical certificates

Your union has been made aware that managers are trying to enforce the requirement for reason for sickness to be on your medical certificates.

We understand doctors are not always willing to put medical information on certificates and that members often have concerns about privacy and confidentiality in relation to health.

While the Service NSW Award is silent on what needs to be on the certificate, the Conditions Award Clause 80.6 states:

The granting of paid sick leave shall be subject to the employee providing evidence which indicates the nature of illness or injury and the estimated duration of the absence. 

Note that the clause refers to nature of illness, not diagnosis.

For example, nature of illness could be medical condition related to breathing or lungs, rather than asthma. Or medical condition related to stress factors, rather than anxiety or PTSD.

If you need further clarification or support in relation to Service NSW being unwilling to accept your medical certificate please contact Member Support on 1800 772 679 or

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