Revenue NSW – Scheduling review alert - Public Service Association

Revenue NSW – Scheduling review alert

Revenue NSW – Scheduling review alert – January 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA has learned Revenue NSW is conducting a ‘scheduling review’.

While it is unclear what this will entail exactly, we do know suggested changes relate to all Collections contact centre staff for all sites.

We also know all staff have been asked to give preferences in relation to shifts and have all been advised of the shift allowance being removed.

We want to point out to members that:

  1. As per your Award shift Loadings are available for the following shifts, commencing:

Afternoon – at or after 10am and before 1pm           10.0%

Afternoon – at or after 1pm and before 4pm             12.5%

Night – at or after 4pm and before 4am                     15.0%

Night – at or after 4am and before 6am                     10.0%

  1. Also, if Management wants you to sign a new contract – and you are unclear about its terms, it is strongly suggested you get in touch with the union for advice.

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