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RFS Bulletin – SAPHR Leave Calculation Errors

RFS Bulletin – SAPHR Leave Calculation Errors – June 2017 (PDF Version)

Since 2011 SAPHR has been miscalculating recreational and sick leave accrual rates for a number of leave types, for the duration of that leave. Specifically, recreation leave accruals are impacted by the following leave types:

  • Recreation leave at half pay
  • Extended leave at half pay
  • Parental leave at half pay.

Sick leave accruals are impacted by the following leave types:

  • Parental leave without pay
  • Leave without pay
  • Parental leave at half pay
  • Recreation leave at half pay.

RFS has been contacting affected staff via email advising of the error and that their leave would be deducted by the required amount to correct their leave balance. In some cases deductions of in excess of 50 hours recreation leave and
70 hours of sick leave have been notified.

The PSA is concerned about the manner the RFS has undertaken to resolve this issue. RFS did not notify and consult with the PSA when it first became aware of the issue nor did it seek to inform all employees. The RFS has not involved an independent auditor to assess the issue and has attempted to refine calculations in-house utilising an uncontrolled spreadsheet.

Contacting affected employees individually does not encourage discussion of the issue and collaboration for a solution, resulting in the affected employees feeling isolated and somewhat helpless. Additionally, the RFS has not considered the impacts of reducing leave totals on members, especially when leave arrangements and commitments may already be in place.

If you have received an email or advice from the RFS regarding this issue, the PSA requests you forward the advice to the PSA member support centre . Additionally, the PSA is requesting all members to check their leave balances, particularly if you have ever worked part time or less than the standard 35-hour week or have taken leave at half pay.

The PSA has written to RFS requesting it undertake a more transparent process that may involve external auditors and to implement a leave deduction plan with each affected member.

The PSA is aware some members may have already had their leave deducted, this does not finalise the matter. Further information will be distributed in the near future.

If you are a non-member and have concerns around this or other issues we encourage to contact the PSA about joining.

What can you do?

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Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.

Ask a colleague to join the PSA.

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