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School Psychologists: The PSA RECOGNISES YOU!

The PSA today wishes to acknowledge our members who are employed with the NSW Department of Education as School Psychologists.

Today is an important day to acknowledge your skills, competency, and commitment to the wellbeing of students and the professionalism with which you conduct the essential work that School Psychologists do across NSW Schools.

We know that over recent weeks you have had to face some very challenging messaging and realities, and that even today you may consider it difficult to be seated alongside your Counselling Service colleagues on disparate remuneration.

The PSA advocates that true recognition will be reflected by way of the appropriate remuneration, that should be rightly afforded to you.  We need you to know that the PSA has and will continue to fight for this matter within the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. The PSA will continue our dispute, with representatives from our PSA legal team, industrial officer and our inspirational delegates; and we will utilise all available channels to see this matter resolved.

The Department and the PSA  return to the Industrial Relations Commission for a Report Back on 20 November 2023. The PSA will keep members updated as the matter progresses.

Again, hang in there, we appreciate and salute you!

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