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Temporary Workforce Transition Project: NSW Schools

The PSA can inform to you that the General Secretary Stewart Little has had discussions with the Minister Prue Car and senior staff late into Monday evening and we can confirm that there will be an announcement today of an initial 6000 School Support Staff to be made permanent.

This decision is great news for all our members: SAS Staff, Student Support Officers, School Psychologists and General Assistants. 

Outlined in the announcements from the Acting Secretary for Education, Murat Dizdar and the Premier today, there will be 16,000 temporary Teachers and Support Staff made permanent. For PSA members this means at least 6000 SAS staff will be made permanent. These are among the most valuable employees in the Department of Education.

A copy of the Department’s announcement is HERE. This IMAGE is from the Premier’s Facebook page.

As discussed within our meeting yesterday afternoon the transition to permanency will be completed in phases.  The transition requirements are still subject to negotiation between the Department and the PSA and Teachers Federation. We are making representations to the Minister and meeting with the Department on the threshold issue of “three years at one school” and we will keep you updated on the progress of these discussions.

The issue of converting temporary SAS staff to permanent ongoing roles has  been a long-standing battle with the Department and PSA members. The PSA would like to thank delegates and members from across the state for their hard work and commitment.

Administration Marketplace Panel for Schools

Within our discussion yesterday we also raised the concerns and issues associated with the outsourcing of software programs (AMPs rollout) and as such we recommend to all members that you cease all participation of these collegiate meetings until further notice.

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