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Towards 2030 – Proposed changes to Custody and Community Service Delivery Models

Custody based Service Delivery Model

On Thursday 27 April 2023, the PSA met with CSNSW regarding proposed changes to the Custody based Service Delivery Model and associated management structures. You can view the change management plan for the Custody based Service Delivery Model changes here, and an FAQ on the changes here . You should be able to view full documentation and proposed management structures for the change on the internal justice intranet.  The PSA will be meeting again with CSNSW to further discuss the proposal, including the proposed placement strategy, before the end of the consultation period on 19th May 2023.

The PSA welcomes feedback from members and encourages any members affected by the change to contact the PSA with any questions or concerns. If you have an individual issue, please call the Member Support Centre at first instance on 1800 772 679. If your feedback relates to the restructuring more broadly, then please contact your local delegate in the first instance according to the table below.

Community Service Delivery Model

The PSA and CSNSW will meet on Monday 8 May 2023 to discuss the Community Service Delivery Model. As members will be aware, a significant number of members, namely SAPOs and psychologists are to move from the custodial to the community setting under the current CSNSW proposal, and this meeting will provide further details regarding this and any proposed changes to the Community Service Delivery Model.

PSA Delegates – Non Custodial

David Gould ESC Long Bay Complex
Stewart Burkitt ESC Long Bay Complex
Sam Ardasinski Psychologist Corrections
Peter Zabilka Psychologist Long Bay
Teena Kennedy Psychologist Newcastle
Fiona Innis Psychologist Bathurst CC
Amy Sowbery Psychologist South Coast CC
Mary Sanna Psychologist Wollongong CC

Maggie Bolger

SAPO South Coast CC
Linda Codling SAPO MRRC (Silverwater)
Susan Pasmik SAPO Emu Plains CC
Michael Puzicha SAPO Bathurst CC

PSA Delegates – Community Corrections

Suzi Tubner AA Liverpool Community Corrections
Kori Buck AA Wagga Community Corrections
Alexander Bennett AA Lake Macquarie Community Corrections
Craig Jackson Field Officer Fairfield Community Corrections
Kevin Manning Team Leader Campbelltown Community Corrections
Tracy Wilson Team Leader Mt Druitt Community Corrections
Daniel Lang A/Team Leader – Substantive  CCO Drug Court – Blacktown
Bronwyn Grainger Team Leader Silverwater Parole
Allison Roberts Team Leader Parklea Parole
Richard Waterson SCCO Grafton Community Corrections & Parole
Ryan Dwight CCO Tamworth/Gunnedah Hub
Bart Gale Team Leader Bourke Youth Justice
Paul Willis SCCO Wagga Community Corrections
Mick Dendy Manager Griffith Community Corrections

PSA Industrial Staff

Chris Auld – Organiser

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

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