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TfNSW Update – Recruitment and Placement Dispute

TfNSW Update - Recruitment and Placement Dispute - 26 March (PDF version)

The PSA and Transport for NSW have been in dispute about the placement strategy being implemented for Evolving Transport (ET). You can refer to our previous bulletins HERE and HERE for details.

After taking this matter to the Industrial Relations Commission on 11 March, we received confirmation this week that TfNSW would be adopting a number of changes to the ET process. These changes ensure that throughout the entire ET recruitment process unplaced employees will be considered before all other applicants.

End to the pause on no forced redundancy

Last Thursday 18 March the PSA and Combined Unions met with TfNSW to discuss the recently announced end to the pause on no forced redundancies.

The PSA highlighted the fact that there are still high levels of uncertainty in the job market and that we still haven’t felt all of the negative effects of the pandemic and recession. Unemployment is still higher than it was pre-pandemic and the JobKeeper program is due to end in the next week. TfNSW reiterated that this was a temporary pause in place during the pandemic and was always scheduled to end, they highlighted that the career transition program was established to help those staff who are affected.

TfNSW confirmed their commitment that no one will be made forcibly redundant until the branch process of Evolving Transport is completed.

This announcement does not affect members who were previously employed by RMS.  They will continue to enjoy the protections afforded to them by the RMS dissolution bill, including the no forced redundancy provision.

Free financial advice

As a PSA member you are entitled to a free financial planning consultation. If you have any concerns around your own personal finances and would like some additional direction during these uncertain times, please get in touch with the PSA to access this service.

If you are experiencing any issues through Evolving Transport, please contact our member support centre on 1300 772 679.

PSA TfNSW and Sydney Metro Departmental Committee (DC) Elections

A call for nominations to the TfNSW and Sydney Metro Statutory Authority Departmental Committee will be distributed in April.  The call for nomination will seek PSA delegates from every division across Transport, to ensure the committee is inclusive of all members across the state. Please keep an eye out, and consider nominating to this committee if you are interested in being a PSA delegate.

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