The proposed wages freeze: an update

The PSA/CPSU NSW welcomes the Legislative Council’s decision yesterday to reject the State Government’s Regulation freezing public sector wage increases.

Labor, the Greens, One Nation, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, the Animal Justice Party, and Independent Justin Field all voted against the attempt to deny Public Servants a wage rise.

Only Fred Nile of the Christian Democrats supported the Government in its attempt to impose a wage freeze.

The decision reflects the widespread community recognition for the work you do and the support for your pay rise from the people of NSW.

Your union shares your concerns about the Premier’s threats to cut jobs, and we will fight them with the same vigour that we have applied to the pay freeze.

As part of the Wages Case, which your union initiated in December, the PSA will be in conciliation with the State Government tomorrow afternoon in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). We will keep members informed of any developments in the IRC.

Your union believes a 2.5 per cent pay increase is not only justified for the incredible work the public sector has done over an extraordinarily difficult 12 months, it is also the best way to aid the economic recovery of NSW. A public sector wage increase will see money injected into local communities across NSW, where it is needed most.

A Sydney-centric infrastructure program will waste money in cost overruns while the profits will flow overseas to foreign investors and tax havens.

A pay rise for public servants will see fiscal stimulus that better reflects the wider community, with the public sector evenly spread across the state.

The PSA/CPSU NSW will always fight for you.



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