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The PSA wins a pay-rise for your School Psychologist Colleagues!

Did you know that the PSA represents staff in schools beyond SASS, including School Psychologists?

The PSA is a union that fights and wins for its members. Your School Psychologists colleagues were due a 2.28 per cent pay-rise in January 2021 to ensure their roles kept in line with the pay of School Counsellors, but this did not occur. Over the last 6 months, the PSA has been negotiating with the Department of Education (DoE), fighting for School Psychologists to be paid their 2.28 per cent pay-rise.

After months of stalling and non-responses, the PSA notified DoE that unless they paid the 2.28 per cent pay-rise, the PSA would lodge a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission – the Court that oversees workplace disputes for workers in NSW.

As a result, the Department of Education has agreed to award School Psychologists a pay rise of 2.28 per cent, back-dated to the first pay period after 1 January 2021.

This is an example of the collective strength of workers uniting through the union to stand up for your pay and conditions! Just as SASS did to achieve the historic pay equity result of a pay-rise of 19 per cent over 3 years.

Pay-rises are not automatic. They are argued and fought for, on behalf of members, by the PSA! All workers benefit through wins like this which is why it is so important for everyone to be in the PSA – as it demonstrates to the employer, the power of the union!

Pass this message onto the School Psychologist at your School

Increase the collective strength of the PSA by passing this bulletin onto the School Psychologist at your school and encouraging them to join the PSA online

Don’t forget, we cover General Assistants, all SAS Staff, Community Liaison Officers, Student Support Officers and all other classifications that come under the Crown Employees or SAS Staff Awards.

Make sure your school has a strong PSA membership so you know you are supported and protected by a union that wins for its members.

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