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The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise: Why we we are taking action today

“Simply stopping work is probably the most profound single action we can take. It is possible that bosses and governments know this better than workers do.” Sam Wallman, Our Members Be Unlimited

The PSA does not take the decision to go on strike lightly.

We know many members are reluctant to take a day from their vital roles protecting and serving the people of NSW.

However, the State Government’s refusal to commit to giving our members a sufficient wage rise to keep ahead of inflation leaves us with no choice. This refusal comes after the NSW Public Sector spent the past two-and-a-half years guiding the state through pandemic, bushfires and floods.

We have written to the Premier four times outlining why our members deserve a pay rise that exceeds the unfair and unjust wage cap. Only this week did we receive the Premier’s belated reply that was drip-fed to us via the media: a tiny, temporary increase to a wage cap he refuses to relinquish, and a divisive cash bonus for other Public Sector employees in a naked attempt to split the union movement.

Today, your union directs you to walk off the job or take another appropriate form of industrial action. We want 8 June 2022 to be the day our members let the State Government they are tired of being ignored.

If you can, join one of our rallies today throughout NSW and let the State Government know the people who protect and serve NSW deserve better.




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