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Transport for NSW pay offer: cast your vote

We aplogise for the short timeframe. The PSA recently received an offer through Unions NSW. We are trying to obtain a pay increase from 1 July 2023.

This is a multi-union agreement, and as such we are seeking our members’ feedback to represent the majority position through the Combined Transport Unions, headed by Unions NSW.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has written to Unions NSW and provided the Transports 2023 Salaried Awards Renewal Offer, formalising its 2023 pay offer to employees covered by Transport’s ‘Salaried Awards’ for the following:

  • A 4.0 per cent increase to salary and salary-related allowances effective from the first full pay period after 1 July 2023;
  • In addition a 0.5 per cent increase to superannuation as per Federal legislation will be paid from 1 July 2023.

The same pay offer under the Transport’s 2023 Award Renewal Offer has now been made to its people working under the RMS – School Crossing Supervisors Award 2019.

In addition to the pay offer a commitment has been given to the following:

  1. No extra claims Award clauses extended to 30 June 2024 to allow variations during the life of the Awards with the consent of all parties. (all Awards)
  2. Parental leave and domestic and family violence leave clauses amended to align with the following memoranda, where the memoranda is more beneficial:
    M2022-08 Paid Parental Leave; M2022-09 Paid Leave in the Event of a Miscarriage, Pre-Term Birth or When Undergoing Fertility Treatment and M2022-13 Support for Employees Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. (All Awards)
  3. Correct the Right to Disconnect clause – Correcting the wording in the Salaried Awards’ Right to Disconnect clauses to reflect the in-principle agreement between the parties in the 2022 Award negotiations round. Transports proposed drafting for these updates are contained in Attachment 2. (TfNSW & Sydney Metro)
  4. Flex working group – Transport agrees to continue to work collaboratively with CTU in the flex working group to address the excessive forfeiture of flex credit (next meeting 30 June 2023).
  5. Links to union webpages on Transport’s intranet on the CTU claim for online noticeboards. (TfNSW & Sydney Metro)
  6. Commitment to Continued Award Discussions – Transport commits develop a program for discussions to work collaboratively with CTU’s to explore resolutions on the unresolved CTU 2023 priority claims. CTU costed claims will require discussions on offsets and prior approval before claims can be accepted. (TfNSW & Sydney Metro)

Outside of TFNSW, the PSA also has also secured the following in relation to Industrial Relations reform across the Public Sector:

  1. The NSW Government will ensure the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) is independent and properly resourced.
  2. Public sector workers need an independent Commission that can effectively exercise its jurisdiction to determine fair and reasonable conditions of employment, unconstrained by a legislated wages cap.
  3. The NSW Labor Government will ensure a collaborative and productivity-based approach to improving efficiency.
  4. The retrenchment of staff will be a last resort which should be avoided wherever practicable.
  5. The NSW Labor Government is committed to cutting back on the use of consultants in the public service. The Government is reviewing the use of casuals, labour hire and external consultants who have a role in supporting public sector workers, not in place of public sector workers.

Transport survey

Members eligible to vote have been sent a link.

The survey will be open until Tuesday 4 July 2023. If the offer is accepted, members will receive back pay from 1 July 2023.

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