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NSW Police Force Departmental Committee: Call for nominations now open

Nominations are called for positions on the NSW Police Force Departmental Committee.

Each nomination must be seconded by two other financial PSA members from the same electorate as the nominee.

Please read the following carefully, as electorates have changed.

The call for nominations is as follows:

Electorate Site Delegates required
Group A Specialist Commands 9
Electorate 1 FETS and CSC

Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command and Communications Services Command (excluding staff in Radio Operations Group – VKG).

Electorate 2 PoliceLink 2
Electorate 3 Corporate, Technology and Legal

(Incl. Corporate Services, Technology Command, Professional Standards Command, Police Prosecutions Command, Office of the Legal Counsel, Legal Services and Office of the Commissioner])

Electorate 4 Specialist Commands – CTST and PTSC

Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command (excluding SMG Special Constables) and Police Transport & Public Safety Command (Incl. Aviation and Marine Commands, Dog and Mounted Units, excluding Traffic & Highway Patrol).

Electorate 5 Public Affairs and Recruitment Branches

(Incl. Goulburn Police Academy)

Electorate 6 SIC and SCC

State Intelligence Command and State Crime Command

Group B Station Staff/Regions 9
Electorate 7 Station Staff – Central Metro Region

(Incl. Workforce Safety and SPC [excluding staff in Radio Operations Group – VKG])



Electorate 8 Station Staff – North West Metro Region (Including all PHQ staff who cannot vote in Group A and Traffic and Highway Patrol) 2
Electorate 9 Station Staff – South West Metro Region 1
Electorate 10 Station Staff – Northern Region and Firearms Registry 2
Electorate 11 Station Staff – Western Region 1
Electorate 12 Station Staff – Southern Region 1
 Total   18

Changes to electorates

There are multiple changes within electorates which, as noted above, include:

  1. Merger of 2 electorates under Group A (FETS and Potts Hill).
  2. Creation of 4 new electorates under Group A (CTST/PTSC, Public Affairs/Recruitment, SIC/SCC).
  3. Merging of 12 former electorates into 6 under Group B (All Station Staff, Traffic & Highway Patrol and Firearms Registry).
  4. Deletion of Parramatta Headquarters electorate under Group B with redistribution amongst 3 other electorates (2 in Group A, and 1 in Group B).

The reasons for the changes are to consolidate the electorates and ensure members are adequately represented in line with current ways of working within NSWPF (i.e., by relevant Commands rather than physical location – a majority of members no longer necessarily attend one location or do hybrid work).

The above changes and reasons provided have been endorsed by the current NSWPF Departmental Committee.

Nominations and closing date

Nominees, nominators, and seconders must be financial members of the Association as at COB 26 JUNE 2023.

Nominations must be submitted via the following Survey Monkey link by COB 20 July 2023.


If there is a ballot, candidates who wish to have a profile available for voters to read should provide a brief statement of 300 words or less stating how they will best represent members’ interests.


Grace Bailey
for GR Bensley
Deputy Returning Officer

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