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Transport Management Centre: PSA update

Over the last few weeks your union, the PSA has continued to meet with Transport Management Centre (TMC) management to discuss a host of important topics.

COVID-19 update

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) finalised the consultation around COVID-safe measures moving forward. The major change for the TMC is the introduction of mandatory surveillance testing for the entire building in the form of Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT). Obviously before this risk assessment took place, the requirement to undertake RAT was only for those individuals who worked within the TOR. Now all staff would be required to comply. This meant that options for staff who did not want to undertake a daily RAT were no longer available.

In light of this change the PSA has reached out to management in order to formalise the procedures around how these tests are to take place. As members will remember, RAT was introduced initially at very short notice in order to maintain the operational capability of the TOR and these processes were still being established.

While the PSA has been informed that this testing is to take place on work time as is the case in all other sites that require RAT, we have received feedback from members that this process is unclear. Some members have expressed to us that they are continuing to have to arrive at work up to 30 minutes prior to their shift in order to meet their obligations under this policy change. We understand that procedures are currently being worked on to enable RAT to take place on work time and the PSA will be consulted on the process.

Excess leave balances

TMC Management raised the issue of excess leave balances with the PSA. Obviously the onset of the pandemic has meant that for a large number of staff their leave balances have now moved well beyond the upper amounts stipulated in the award. At most work sites within TfNSW, when this happens staff would start being directed to take leave. The operational nature of the TMC means that this is near impossible to do on a large scale, so management has suggested a potential negotiation could take place around whether leave could be cashed out. We will continue with these discussions moving forward and will of course consult/ballot the membership if any options are proposed.

Duty Manager roles

The PSA has raised a number of concerns around the changes to the Duty Manager role descriptions, which have taken place outside of the ET process and the fact that these changes are largely proceeding without the level of consultation which took place during the ET restructure. There is concern around whether RD changes could lead to a role spill and what input staff will have in this process.

The PSA will continue discussions around this matter and seek any input from affected members.


The PSA would like to encourage any member who has any concerns at work to please get in touch with their Organiser Ben James at or 0438 485 535. We want to be guided in any and all discussions with management by the issues that affect members and that they care about.

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