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Transport Senior Service Leaders (TSSL) affected by two years pay freeze.

On Thursday 8 June, Howard Collins the TfNSW Secretary announced that all TSSL’s will be part of the NSW Governments two year pay freeze for NSW Government Senior Service. In TfNSW the TSSL’s include several cohorts, classifications groups below SES Band 1, 2 & 3, the largest of these groups are the Transport Senior Service Managers (TSSM) and Transport Senior Service Engineers (TSSE) cohort.

Following the announcement, a number affected members have contacted the PSA concerning the decision. On Friday, 09 June the PSA held an open meeting for TSSM and TSSE to discuss potential assistance, representation, and advocacy which the PSA may provide to support affected members.

The PSA understand the TfNSW announcement declared the following decision to include all Transport Senior Service Leaders:

  • 2 years freeze will apply to all TSSL’s.
  • 2 years freeze on incremental progression.
  • 2 years freeze on superannuation, increases to be made from TSSL’s wages.
  • 2 years freeze include 15 per cent reduction applies to all TSSL cohorts.

The PSA has commenced with the following actions since last Fridays meeting:

  • Seeking legal advice on but not limited to the inclusion by Transport on cohorts other than senior executives and SES Band 1, 2 & 3 in line with the NSW Government announcements and the prescribed definitions contained in The Parliamentary Renumeration Amendment Bill 2023.
  • The PSA has written to TfNSW to provide an explanation for its decision to include other employees and staff outside of the prescribed definitions contained in the bill.
  • Provide Industrial Bulletins and notification on this matter and developments forthwith.
  • Schedule future meetings of affected TSSM and TSSE on this matter when required.

The PSA is a fighting union and will continue to advocate and fight for all members regardless of who you are, what you do, where you work or reasons, unless its lawful and reasonable to do so.

PSA members please reach out to your fellow colleagues and staff and encourage them to joining the PSA and work together to protect your rights at work! PSA information and joining link here:


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