Union calls for inquiry into 457 jobs rort by Baird Government - Public Service Association

Union calls for inquiry into 457 jobs rort by Baird Government

PSA Media release:

There must be an immediate inquiry into the Baird Government contracting out vital public services replacing full time local jobs with overseas workers on 457 ‘temporary’ visas said the Public Service Association (PSA).

The union said the Baird Government has used 457 ‘temporary’ visas to fill 32 full time “onshore” jobs following the outsourcing of ServiceFirst which handled IT, HR and payroll functions for Government.

Worse, Minister Perrottet stated ambiguously in an Estimates Committee hearing in August that the 32 workers “will continue in the role.”

The PSA fears this is the start of a new downward spiral in employment that will flow through to the soon to be privatised disability sector and other outsourced areas.

“The Minister’s deliberately vague language in Parliament is the sound of a door opening to a nightmare for the people of NSW,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“Skilled experienced local workers in full time employment are being thrown on the jobs scrapheap by the Baird Government through its mass privatisation program and replaced by foreign workers on ‘temporary’ visas.”

“Is this the way forward for disability services? High needs specialised care dumped in favour of a ‘temporary’ imported workforce?”

“Many experienced carers, whose pay and conditions would be slashed under privatisation, can already see a crisis unfolding for their clients and are leaving the sector.”

“That means that people with a disability will suffer doubly: loss of existing services and experienced staff.”

“This is politics at its worst – deliberate underhandedness to fudge the books and fool the community into thinking Government is still providing quality public services.”

“The people of NSW deserve better than living in the ‘temporary’ employment state,” said Stewart Little.

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