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Update on Powerhouse Change Management Plan

After meeting with Powerhouse PSA Members and considering the information provided in the Change Management Plan, the PSA wrote to the Powerhouse requesting further information and an extension to the deadline to provide a response to the proposed change.

The PSA requested:

  • Current and proposed Organisational Charts. These charts should provide details of roles and their grades within Directorates/ Teams and as well as reporting lines
  • Strategic overviews where teams and their reporting lines have changed
  • Role Descriptions, including those that have different grades within classifications
  • Clear information on how people will be placed in positions, whether roles will be graded or recompensed differently, and whether people will need to reapply for their roles
  • More time to talk to the membership, consider how these changes will impact your ways of working and provide collective feedback.

We note that the Powerhouse has agreed to an extension of the consultation period of a further two weeks. You should have been advised that the consultation period has been extended to EOD Wednesday 14 December and have been provided with additional information, including draft Roles Descriptions.

The Powerhouse also clarified that while Role Descriptions are still being drafted, they will not be regraded. Staff will be directly appointed, and no one will need to reapply for their role. This of course precludes the Senior role that has been deleted, the PSA will ensure that support is provided to this individual.

Please continue to provide feedback to us regarding the proposed change to allow us to elevate your voices regarding this significant change. Provide written feedback by emailing your Organiser Claudia Bianchi

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