WBS/IO is a no go!! – SAP HR payroll update - Public Service Association

WBS/IO is a no go!! – SAP HR payroll update

WBS/IO is a no go!! – SAP HR payroll update – September 2018 (PDF version)

PSA staff and delegates Wendy Hurry, Jo Nieass and Juliette Sizer met this week with representatives of the Department of Education about SAP HR payroll.

In an acknowledgement that the WBS/IO tool is contentious, the Department has advised the PSA that WBS/IO will not be included in release 4.

Our members remain concerned this tool will cause additional unnecessary workload when the information could be entered in a more efficient way.

At the meeting, the Department confirmed that WBS/IO was not mandatory.

Members who are already on the new system are not required to use the WBS/IO.

It is very important that members continue to log ALL incidents with Ed Connect.

Please ensure that when you log an incident, you get an Incident Number.

The only way we can highlight the issues and follow up on your concerns is if the matters are logged and we have an incident number.

The two other major issues we have raised are casual nominations and sub-delegates’ responsibilities.

Many schools have raised that Casual Nominations are ‘dropping off’ the system requiring additional work of SAS staff to re-enter the nomination to enable casual staff to lodge their working hours.

In addition, sub-delegates’ responsibilities require clarification to Principals and SAS Staff.

Temporary engagements processed “in the back end” are not visible on the Engagement Dashboard, and schools are unable to verify engagement details (and in some cases, unable to report non-attendance).

Should rectification of the problems associated with drop-off of Casual Nominations and the inability to assign WBS/IO elements to Multiple Position Single Assignment salaries not occur, the PSA will consider escalating our dispute with the Department in regard to Release 4 to remaining schools.

We continue to work with the Department to improve and increase the training in this new system.

Thank you all for your continuing feedback.

Please contact us at should you wish to let us know of issues you are facing.

You have all earned a good rest.

Enjoy your holidays and we’ll see you all in Term 4.

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