We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

Last week the PSA sent out a bulletin and survey about a number of issues members have been experiencing in the workplace.

The union has been negotiating with different districts and the wider Department to fix these problems and while we have been able to get some significant improvements in some areas we want to do a lot more.

To do this we must properly demonstrate how widespread these issues are. 

We need to hear from the people that are experiencing them, you

Tell us what you think

We know that all employees can experience issues in the workplace and we value each member’s feedback.   

If you can spare just nine minutes of your time to fill in our simple survey, we can continue to fight for the things that we know members care about such as permanency and manageable workloads.


This survey is confidential and no individual respondent will be identified. We will be using the outcomes of the survey to help us to lobby for better support and more secure work for you.


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