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Worth 100%: Your pay rise, PSA SAS Staff Recognition Week and Permanency

Bulletin - Worth 100% - Your pay rise, PSA SAS Staff Recognition Week and Permanency (pdf version)

Well it’s been a busy few weeks of term three already with members and the PSA hitting the ground running. We hope you all had a restful break and are ready for another unusual and challenging term with the PSA behind you all the way.

Your union knows it is you who have played a vital role in keeping schools running, supporting students, teaching staff and your school community with professionalism and integrity.

Worth 100% Paid Protected Permanent

The PSA’s campaign to better the working lives of SAS Staff continues to grow. We have made significant progress in all three parts of the campaign increasing the pay of SAS Staff with the historic pay equity win, decreasing work intensification through winning the WBS IO dispute, advocating for extension of temporary staff during Covid-19 and pushing for paid pandemic leave.

We have only achieved as much as we have because of the resolve and dedication of our amazing delegates and members right across NSW.

100% Paid – your pay rise has arrived!

Every year it is your union that fights for you to receive a pay increase and more than ever it is integral for SAS Staff to receive this years increase for your families, your communities and the NSW economy.

Have you checked your last pay slip?

If you did you would have seen that you have received a 2.5% salary increase, the next instalment of your pay equity increase.

As members would know this was won for you through the efforts and resources of the PSA, its delegates and members.

It is the second instalment of the historic 19% win in the PSA’s Pay Equity Case which we won for you in 2019.

You can read more about the detail of the pay equity win HERE

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of NSW public servants still face the prospect of a pay freeze, pending the outcome of the pay case in which the PSA is again playing a leading role in fighting for its members to maintain and improve the working conditions for its members.

100% Permanent – the fight continues for temp conversion

The PSA has continued to fight for a genuine pathway to permanency in schools and has made significant progress along the way. We will continue to push this throughout term 3 and 4 to ensure that all members have access to secure work. Now more than ever SAS Staff in schools need to feel supported and confident in their jobs so that they can continue to support the students and school communities they work in.

This sits alongside the hard work the PSA has done to strengthen the career paths of SAS Staff. The introduction of the BM classification into the SASS Award adds another step to the administrative career path within schools as you can work through the SAO, SAM and BM roles.

100% Protected – through Covid and beyond

The PSA has been at the forefront of the fight to stop work overload, work intensification and in some cases workplace violence which has increased in recent years.

We are working closely with your delegates to develop further strategies to address these ongoing issues including:

  1. Continuing to fight for increased staffing through the Staffing Methodology Review
  2. Agitating to achieve reduced duplication and simplified processes around purchasing
  3. Regularly raising concerns around training and safe working procedures for Learning Support Officers

Do you know what your rights are during Covid-19?

The PSA recommends all SAS Staff read the up to date information on the intranet about Covid-19 at school.

The PSA is here to assist you in discussions around ensuring you can work safely at school, ensure your health is protected if you are in a high risk category and provide advice on leave and other entitlements.

The Principal is responsible for the safety for all staff on site. We know that there are some difficult situations to manage while social distancing and we can provide guidance and assistance where necessary. As a general rule you should follow all social distancing and hygiene measures outlined by NSW Health. Raise any concerns you have in the first instance with your manger or the Principal.

Do you know someone who still needs to join the PSA?

You can support the work of the PSA and delegates to get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN the PSA.

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