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8 June PSA Day of Action: Emergency-critical roles

As an agency at the forefront of delivering emergency response and services to the people of NSW, it is vitally important that this NSW Government take the appropriate steps to not allow Public Sector wages to go backwards, just in the way that the current pay offer does. The General Secretary of the PSA would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership of the NSW SES in its enthusiastic response to our call for action on 8 June.

However, the PSA is not so naïve to the understanding that the SES continues to conduct emergency operations for the whole of the state and the potential risks that our strike action poses for the communities they serve in emergency critical roles.

Accordingly, the PSA has begun discussions with NSW SES management on the list of roles that are considered emergency critical, where if agreed, the PSA would relax the direction stance of its members to participate in strike action. Due to the nature of SES emergency planning and response (forecast some 24-48 hours ahead) the NSW SES has advised the PSA that they will be in a position to provide a list of those roles and discussions on Monday 6 June.

Whilst these roles would not be subject to the direction to undertake strike action, there are many other activities that those staff can undertake to show their solidarity and support for our campaign.

After all, this action is a reminder to this NSW Government that they should respect and sufficiently value the public servants that keep this state safe.  For those who can participate, the PSA is looking forward to seeing you in person at our rally outside of Parliament House.

It is vital we stand up to a Government that has decided our members are not as worthy for decent pay and conditions as other Public Sector workers, despite our admirable work fighting flood, fire, plague and pandemic.

PSA members in emergency-critical roles should watch out for bulletins from the PSA. Any questions can be provided to PSA Industrial Officer Shane Howes or 0407 494 770 or through our NSW SES PSA Delegates.

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