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Perrottet’s presser doesn’t placate us: industrial action to proceed

It is likely you will have heard or seen reports in the media by now that Premier Perrottet has “lifted the wages cap” and revealed a new policy to apply for the next two years.

The announcement made to the media at 10:00am was put as a without-prejudice offer to the PSA at 4:00pm today.

The announcement itself is flawed and addresses none of the concerns you have regarding your rising costs of living. It is a three per cent raise this year and the year after, but inclusive of the legislated superannuation increase meaning it is closer to 2.5 per cent in the face of inflation more than double that amount.

Then a possible extra 0.5 per cent available next financial year is contingent on “productivity-enhancing reforms”, which is this Government’s code for removing conditions of employment.

It does not address the demands from our Central Council resolution and all-member meeting on 27 May 2022. In addition, the $3000 “thank-you payment” to health workers is denied to our members who worked in critical frontline roles during floods, fires and the pandemic.

The Government’s announcement does not get rid of the wage cap, leaving it in place where it can be re-imposed at any time in the future.

As such, a PSA Central Council meeting held today at 5:00pm directs members to strike on 8 June 2022 and passed the following motion:

We stand by the motion of the Central Council and Annual Conference that the strike proceed due to the inadequacy of the offer announced by the Government today.

See you all on Wednesday.

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