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ADHC Training Report Back: Members and Delegates plan for a strong union future

ADHC Training Report Back – members and delegates plan for a strong future – 7 April 2017 (PDF Version)

ADHC Training Report Back:  Members and Delegates plan for a strong union future

On Friday 31 March, 13 of your colleagues from Clinical Services and Community Support Teams across NSW met for training on the upcoming challenges for CST staff. Attendees workshopped how to keep our union strong and the industrial issues facing members. The day covered:

  • the importance of political campaigning
  • growing the union now and into the future to stay strong
  • building collective power to be ready for Enterprise Bargaining
  • workshopping industrial issues such as concerns around conflict of interest and the transfer package information
  • identifying member concerns to be addressed around the impact of leave without pay on the transfer payment.

Delegates and members attending on Friday were able to come up with excellent collective solutions to issues affecting many CST members across the state.

PSA forces FACS to pause on secondary employment review

As a direct result of work done at the planning day, which lead to decisive action by the PSA, FACS has agreed not to assess any secondary employment or conflict of interest until they have met with us. We will be pushing for more consultation around this issue and others over the coming weeks.

You can read our bulletin on the secondary employment review HERE.

PSA (CPSU) – representing you with the Benevolent Society

Without vigilance, your pay and conditions will not stay protected after the two-year guarantee is over…

Your pay and conditions come from your union negotiating awards and agreements on your behalf. And we will fight to protect them into the future. However, we cannot do this without you. After the two-year employment guarantee is up, it is your union the PSA (CPSU) that will negotiate to protect your conditions through Enterprise Bargaining.

Having your union and its collective strength behind you when bargaining is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.

Download the PSA (CPSU) fact sheet on coverage HERE.

Have you switched to direct debit? Make sure you are protected!

If you have not yet switched to direct debit click HERE to protect your membership today!


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