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ARI pay offer + PSA BBQ

ARI pay offer and BBQ – July 2017 (PDF version)

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On the day you signed up as a member of the PSA, you automatically became a member of our federal union – the CPSU NSW.

Since LPI staff have now transitioned to the federal industrial relations jurisdiction, we will hereafter need to use the CPSU NSW banner in all of our dealings. This means you are now CPSU NSW/PSA!

We wrote to the Australian Registry Investments (ARI) executive last week and expect to meet with them to introduce ourselves and begin discussions on issues relating to the transition, including their 2.5 per cent pay rise offer, in the coming week.

Read the letter HERE.

2.5% wage increase offer effective 1 July 2017

The PSA was present at the staff meeting in which Des Mooney made the statement that all award covered employees will receive a 2.5% increase to their base salary, and that this increase will be first due on July 13 2017.

It was also stated that a factor in ARI’s reasoning for the 2.5% increase offer was because the PSA had always been pushing for a 2.5 per cent increase.

This statement contains misinformation which needs correction.

In a previous bulletin, we indicated that LPI had provided advice from Treasury that any pay rises will be in line with the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC’s) annual wage reviews.

In this circumstance, that would suggest the full 3.3 per cent increase would apply according to Treasury.

The PSA also pointed out that in an annual wage review, the FWC may make a determination varying terms of a Division 2B State Award relating to wages.

The latest annual wage review did indeed make this determination, with their official decision varying copied state awards by 3.3%.

There is, however, a number of issues surrounding the transition and copied state awards that must be taken into account when reviewing the annual wage review decision.

The PSA has sought further legal advice around these issues, and will update members as discussions with ARI progress.

CPSU PSA BBQ Thursday 6 July 12.30pm

We’ll be holding a BBQ this Thursday 6 July at 12:30pm for all CPSU NSW PSA members. Please come along and enjoy a snag. Vegetarian options also available.

Any questions that you may have relating to the transition can be raised either with your delegates or with CPSU NSW PSA industrial staff at the BBQ. See you there!

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