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Automotive Inspectors’ bulletin

The PSA held a members’ meeting on 22 November. If you were not able to attend the meeting, this is a brief update for you.

Industrial Officer Phoebe Dangerfield introduced Organiser Peter Clark. Peter has a long history in the Public Sector and was an active Delegate himself for many years. He can be contacted at .

The PSA discussed the role of the Consultative Sub-committee of the Better Regulation Division (BRD) Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) and the need to develop endorsed Terms of Reference. While several other well-established committees have ToR, the BRD JCC CSC is a relatively new group and deserves such guidelines to be properly formalised. They are typically signed off by the agency Deputy Secretary or Delegate and the PSA General Secretary.

The group discussed role gradings and the intent to have these reviewed and more appropriate grades defined to better attract suitable applicants for roles. A regrading proposal has been discussed by delegate Richard Ryan with the Executive which has advised him that it is being progressed to HR for consideration and submission to Treasury. Richard was able to inform the meeting that he has been advised verbally that a possible spill and fill process is not envisaged.

We await advice from Treasury whether the proposal is supported, and funding is available. Given the forthcoming NSW election, provision of further information may not be provided in the immediate short term.

Given that the matter has already progressed, we have set aside the need for a further survey on this matter.

Finally, the PSA has undertaken to follow-up on a few PPE issues with BRD and will report back to members.

PSA will advise dates for 2023 member meetings shortly. It is planned to hold quarterly meetings to coincide with the BRD JCC CSC meetings so that agenda items can be identified.  An AGM will be held in February.

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