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Better Regulation Division relocation to 4 Parramatta Square

Better Regulation Relocation - Nov 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA has been made aware of the decision by the Department of Customer Service to relocate Better Regulation Division (BRD) and Liquor and Gaming CBD-Based staff to 4 Parramatta Square 4PSQ from March 2020.

Last week some staff in BRD were informed of the proposed move and this has caused a level of undue anxiety.

One of the concerns raised has been the lack of immediate consultation with the PSA over the decision to relocate BRD CBD staff to Parramatta.

While we cannot affect the overall decision to relocate public sector employees within the Sydney Metropolitan area as defined by the Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award 2009, the PSA does expect consultation in line with the Crown Employees (Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Consultation with the Department has been occurring on a fortnightly basis through the Realignment/Restructure Joint Consultative Committee (RJCC) which up to this point has been keeping the PSA informed as to ongoing restructures from the Machinery of Government changes and the 4PSQ process. Regular bulletins have been provided to all DCS members following these meetings.

Through the RJCC, the PSA has obtained a commitment from the Department that staff would be given a minimum of at least two months’ notice prior to any decision to relocate to 4PSQ.

The PSA will advocate on behalf of any member in relation to any Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) that may be required to assist them in the relocation from the CBD to Parramatta. FWAs are negotiated on an individual needs basis and should take into account any carers’ or other reasonable adjustments.

As more information becomes available, further updates will be provided to members. If members have any immediate concerns in relation to the Deputy Secretary’s’ announcement of 26 November 2019 please email and in the subject refer to: BRD Relocation to Parramatta Call ref: 124992.

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