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Community Corrections work overload

Community Corrections bulletin work overload – March 2016 (PDF version)

In 2015, Community Corrections delegates developed and distributed a questionnaire to staff in relation to the continuing workload issue.

Eighty percent of respondents were PSA members and overall the response was far above expectations indicating how deeply and widely this issue is felt.

As you can see from the summary HERE the results, staff are extremely overworked and have been for an extended period.

On 17 February, Community Corrections delegates and the PSA met with the Department, including the Assistant Commissioner Rosemary Caruana.

During the meeting, the Department was informed of the indisputable results of the survey and that the PSA would provide the Department with the results and formally invite the Department to engage in constructive consultation to resolve this important matter.

A resolution process has commenced but finalisation of the issue will take time.

In the interim, it is important that members work as close to their allocated 140 hours as possible by utilising the Workload Management Plan and not working onerous hours.

The PSA plans to provide the Department with the summary of the survey by next week and will forward members the letter through the delegates committee.

For any inquires please contact Carmen Wells, Chairperson Community Corrections Vocational Branch Advisory Group at carmen.wells@dcs

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