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Crown Solicitor’s Office: Say hello to your new PSA team

Hi, my name is Kim Villanti and I am your new PSA Organiser. The PSA has recently undertaken some internal changes, and I would just like to assure you all that I will continue the great work of my colleague Lachlan, advocating for the rights and interests of all members at the Crown Solicitor’s Office. Lachlan and I will work together to ensure nothing is missed!

My colleague, Dorothy Molyneux, takes over as our lead advocate and will work closely with Dean Allen to ensure a smooth transition.

Together with our delegates and members, we are committed to growing the strength of our union at your workplace.

There are no questions too small, so please utilise the 1800 772 679 Member Support Centre (MSC) as your first point of call. The MSC staff are highly skilled and by following this process we can ensure every call or matter is triaged and allocated to the appropriate area. This process benefits us all in obtaining the best outcome for members.

As you all know, being a union member gives you a voice at work. By being part of a strong union, members can contribute and have a say in important workplace matters and get support from our employment relations specialists. Union membership also provides you with a range of value added benefits which you can access HERE.


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