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Department of Justice DTS restructure

Department of Justice DTS restructure – March 2017 (PDF version)

On Friday 17 March the PSA (Industrial Officer Susan Emery and Industrial Manager Evan Cole) met with Michael Baldi, the Executive Director Strategic Human Resources for the Department of Justice. They discussed the significant concerns members and the PSA have with the DTS restructure currently underway.

These concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • the non-appointment of staff to roles they have already been successfully carrying out
  • the large number of staff not directly appointed to positions
  • the needlessly complicated assessment process
  • the makeup of the interview panels and the conduct of interviews
  • the lack of feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • the lack of information about the progress of the restructure.

Mr Baldi agreed to make inquiries about the restructure. Given the very serious concerns members have raised with the PSA, we asked that this be done as quickly as possible. While the PSA appreciates Mr Baldi agreeing to meet and discuss the restructure, we made it clear that while we would prefer to have the matter solved internally and quickly, the PSA reserves the right to lodge a dispute in the MSW Industrial Relations Commission.

If you have any comments or questions about this bulletin or the restructure please contact:

Brendan Cotton

Larry Carter

Susan Emery – Industrial officer

Surabi Alauddin – Organiser

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