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Department of Premier and Cabinet: proposed amendments to your Flex Agreement

Flex - Jan 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA is currently negotiating your flex agreement with the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

At the previous flexible working hours committee meeting, DPC proposed the below amendments to the DPC Flexible Working Hours Agreement (FWHA):

DPC proposed Amendment Current Provision in your Flex Agreement DPC recommendation
1.    Bandwidth Bandwidth of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Expand bandwidth from 6am to 10pm, Monday to Friday
2.    Core Time Core Time of 9.30am to 3.30pm Remove the requirement of Core Time
3.    Banked Flex Employees can bank up to 9 Banked Flex days. Remove the provision of Banked Flex.

Note: The current FWHA operates under a six‑week settlement period and provides for the accrual and carry over of up to 21 flex hours. It is not proposed to change this condition of employment.

4.    Minimum Daily Contract Hours For full time employees this means 7 hours per day, excluding any meal breaks. Remove the defined number of hours per day.
5.    Standard Hours Standard hours from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, with a lunch break of one hour or any 8 consecutive hours within bandwidth with an hour for lunch as agreed by the staff member and their supervisor. Remove standard hours from the agreement and include a provision that hours worked are as agreed by the staff member and supervisor and comply with the contracted hours over the settlement period.
6.    Lunch and Meal Breaks Standard entitlement for a lunch break of 1 hour and staff with the approval of a staff member’s supervisor may be extended up to 2.5 hours and shall be taken between the hours of 11:30am and 2:30pm. Remove defined parameters around the taking of lunch and meal breaks. Appropriate breaks are managed between the staff member and their supervisor after five hours.

The PSA has not agreed to any of DPC’s above proposed changes at this stage.

The PSA put forward member’s initial concerns. These include loss of banking, over work and loss of hours.

The next negotiation will be held in the first week of February 2021. The PSA seeks your initial views prior this date. Although this is not the only opportunity to express your views, we encourage you to send us your feedback.

Email your feedback to your relevant PSA Delegate with the subject line PSA MEMBER FEEDBACK: DPC FLEX AGREMEENT. Your feedback will be kept anonymous.

Employee Relations
Public Service Commission
Parliamentary Counsels Office
Premier and Cabinet
Western Parklands City Authority  

The agreed minutes of the previous flexible working hours committee meeting can be found HERE.  

Only PSA members are eligible to vote on this agreement. Join the PSA HERE.  

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