Complete our workload survey for the Art Gallery of NSW - Public Service Association

Complete our workload survey for the Art Gallery of NSW

The PSA is rerunning the workload survey which we asked members to complete a few weeks ago.

We realise that we didn’t allow enough time for all Art Gallery of NSW PSA members to complete the survey, so we are sending it out again. You again have an opportunity to contribute to the results.

Thank you to those who did fill out the survey, you do not need to fill it out again.

To members who were not able to, or did not get around to filling out the survey, your delegates strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to have your voice heard by completing the survey.

In order for us to represent our members at the gallery and to take your concerns up to Executive we need as many members as possible to complete the survey. It only takes five or 10 minutes to complete.

So, please get on board and complete the survey. It is anonymous and being run by the PSA, not the Gallery.

To complete survey, click HERE.

The survey will be open until Friday 20 October.

Thank you

Your PSA delegates
Sharne, Nik, James, Wil, Daniel, Owen

PSA contact

Claudia Bianchi PSA Organiser

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