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DPI Fisheries members’ update

Recognition for long-term temporary Fisheries staff

Most DPI Fisheries staff would be aware of the Deputy Director General’s communication that set out provisions for the conversion to ongoing employment of long-suffering temporary staff, and the exploration of avenues for further conversions of temporary staff subject to the provisions of the GSE Act Regulations and Rules.

Previous discussions between the PSA and DPI Fisheries, as well as the Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW) had highlighted the perverse outcomes in having highly experienced and committed staff temporarily employed for periods longer than 10 years because of the associated funding model deficiencies.

Accordingly, the efforts of the DDG in recognising the problems and adopting strategies to administer conversions across so many classifications needs to be recognised and commended. It is important to address that it doesn’t take away all of the disadvantages posed. but it’s a considerable start.

Members who were not subject to the on-going conversion mechanisms and believe that they meet the criteria should contact their PSA Industrial Officer, Shane Howes at .

Renegotiation of the Fisheries Employees Award

Members may be aware the PSA has previously provided commitments that it will embark on renegotiating the Crown Employees (Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development) Fisheries Employees Award.  This is important, as the Award is nearly 30 years old and the PSA maintains it no longer serves the interests of DPI Fisheries or our members.

Negotiating Awards in the current political and industrial climate is lengthy and difficult due to the draconian legislation passed by the NSW Government, capping pay rises and demanding employment-related savings that equate to either job cuts or a loss of conditions. There have already been attempts by your previous agency in the Department of Planning Industry and the Environment to review your conditions without success from central Government.

Fisheries Officers, through the FOVB, have worked together with the PSA over the last year to develop their own log of claims for parts of the Award that directly reflects their terms and conditions of employment.

Classifications including Fisheries Administration, Fish Technicians, Hatcheries Staff and Managers are also governed by this Award and the parent agreement Crown Employees (Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.  The PSA has begun early conversations with your delegates as part of a log of claims development and subsequent negotiation with DRNSW.  Whilst there are some synergies with Fisheries Officer’s conditions, it is understood that there are differences in your employment that make some clauses only specific to your circumstances.

The PSA intends to provide DRNSW with a log of claims that pertains to your classifications after those discussions. If there are matters you would like discussed or included in your Award, please contact your delegates Graham Housefield or Andrew Bruce or the PSA Industrial Officer Shane Howes .

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