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Department of Customer Service: COVID-19 risk assessment

Your union met recently with the Department of Customer Service (DCS) and the following matters were discussed:

Phase One: Risk Assessment update

DCS staff should have now been briefed as to the requirements going forward for mandatory vaccinations.

Where roles are assessed as being in Phase One, in that the roles are customer-facing, and those staff are unable to meet the required vaccination status by 1 December 2021 you are strongly encouraged to engage with your employer as to the alternate pathways that may be available for you.

PSA members are also asked to let their union know so we can assist you. DCS has not included the PSA to be part of the Appeal Panel, but has extended an invitation to the PSA to represent members to it when and if required.

Staff who have concerns about sharing their vaccination status and/or other related medical information with their Manager are reminded there are options to have this information sighted by People and Culture instead.

Phase Two: Risk Assessment consultation

The Department has advised it will be releasing the 22 risk assessments for Phase Two in due course for a two-week consultation period. We encourage members to come forward and voice any concerns they have during this time.

We will meet with the Department again in two weeks to progress further concerns raised by members in relation to this matter.

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