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Public Guardian Ways of Working restructure update

Thank you to all members who have provided feedback to the restructure. We have received a large amount of feedback. We also thank your PSA Delegates for their assistance in relation to the restructure documents and attending various meetings with management.

The PSA had submitted your feedback to NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSWTG) regarding the Change Management Plan and Role Descriptions. In addition, the PSA formally requested an extension of the time for consultation although management declined the request.

On 22 October 2021 the PSA and Delegates met with NSWTG management to discuss the feedback received.

Subsequently, changes have been made including the roll-back of the new Review and Response Team, which is now going to be a pilot program, along with changes to Role Descriptions, in line with feedback that was given by members.

The PSA has also received confirmation that all permanent staff will be allocated positions in the STEP 1 process, something which was not confirmed earlier.

All members are encouraging to refer to SharePoint FAQs, which have been updated regularly, and contact your local delegates if you have any further concerns moving forward.

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