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Evolving Transport update

ET Update - June 2021 (PDF version)

All branches affected by Evolving Transport have had their structures determined. The various branches are at different stages of the implementation process.

With the structures determined, TfNSW considered the Evolving Transport Joint Consultative Group (JCG) meeting was no longer required. The PSA insisted the JCG needed to continue to discuss issues arising from the implementation of the new structures.

On 1 June 2021, the PSA and other unions met with TfNSW for a JCG where we discussed various issues in the rollout of the Evolving Transport.


Members have been raising concerns with the PSA around the recruitment process. In various forums, the PSA has continually put to TfNSW that recruitment in ET, and other restructure processes, are an issue. Issues have ranged from a lack of adequate feedback for unsuccessful applicants to possible bias against RMS employees.

TfNSW has denied any bias towards RMS employees, stating it did not accept the premise.

TfNSW, in previous JCGs and other forums, has assured the unions that it would address this issue with feedback to unsuccessful applicants. We have unfortunately heard this all before and seen little results.

The PSA has sought data from TfNSW on how its recruitment process is proceeding.

What was confirmed by TfNSW was the recruitment process for the roles in Evolving Transport is to follow the placement procedure which is – expanded process (branch advertisement only), internal recruitment and only if the role is not filled will external recruitment occur.

If you are a member and experiencing problems with the recruitment process, in particular with feedback, please contact the PSA. We would like to provide TfNSW with as many examples as possible.

Changes to the structure post determination

The PSA was made aware that there were changes to structures post determination. TfNSW has indicated that it should be minimal, if at all, and if it does occur, consultation should occur. We made TfNSW aware of the dissatisfaction with any further change to the structures, whether consultation occurred or not. Members have been through a stressful and prolonged period of change; to continue to change will only compound the stress.

If members are aware of changes to structures post determination, please contact the PSA to provide us with the details.

Job swaps

From the outset of Evolving Transport, the PSA has sought TfNSW to establish a job swap process. TfNSW piloted a job swap process in Customer Service and Technology. The job swap process is now rolling out across the Evolving Transport branches.

Please see an FAQ available on TfNSW intranet.

Review of the Evolving Transport Structure

TfNSW was asked if it had developed a process to review the success/effectiveness of the new structures. TfNSW advised the PSA that there is no specific review scheduled. However, it indicated there would be some level of review of the restructures success. The PSA expressed a level of concern that with such a significant change in structure, there is no particular process to review the success/effectiveness of the changes.

Career Transition program

Member may be aware that TfNSW is implementing a Career Transition program. Unplaced employees will enter this program at different stages of the recruitment process. The purpose is to assist unplaced applicants find roles, this may include opportunities at other roles.

At the request of the PSA, TfNSW will provide the unions with a briefing on the Career Transition program. We will provide members with an update.

When will unplaced employees be declared excess?

TfNSW advised the PSA that unplaced applicants will not be declared excess until each branch involved in Evolving Transport is completed. On behalf of members, we sought confirmation that unplaced employees may request their voluntary redundancy before being declared excess. TfNSW has agreed that employees may make that request, and TfNSW will consider an early voluntary redundancy.

Be aware that if you do secure a role outside of the NSW Government and are yet to be declared excess, you cannot request and expect to receive an early voluntary redundancy based on having a start date with another employer. If you are in this position, the PSA suggests carefully engaging with TfNSW about an early redundancy. If you want advice on how to do this, please contact the PSA.

You can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679 or email and quote 151234.

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