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FACS Restructure Live-Chat

FACS Restructure Live-Chat – December 2016 (PDF version)

Are you impacted by the FACS COM Restructure? We need to know where you are!

The PSA has written to FACS to outline a number of strategies the agency could adopt to improve the Change Management Process and outcomes for staff impacted by the Cluster Operating Model restructure.

However, we are concerned FACS will push ahead with an unfair process, and structural changes that could easily be improved with more careful consultation.

Your union will be supporting members and delegates in this fight for transparency and fairness throughout this process.

To do this properly it’s important we have your current details.

You may have a new mobile number, email, work location or even department. Please take three minutes to update your details by following this link HERE.

What we’re asking for

The PSA is seeking on behalf of members:

  1. A freeze on the external advertisement of all non-executive, non-front-line roles across the Department until completion of an internal placement process.
  2. A general voluntary redundancy program in which all affected non-executive staff are invited to express interest in voluntary redundancy up front.
  3. Prioritising, wherever possible, the assignment of ongoing staff to suitable ongoing roles with the Department.
  4. A closed (internal) recruitment process for promotional/residual vacant roles including eligible long term temporary staff prior to any external advertisement.
  5. Job/voluntary redundancy swaps between employees with equivalent roles/classifications.

The advantages of our approach include:

  • Ensuring the Department has the best opportunity to match staff to their preference for either ongoing employment or voluntary redundancy.
  • Allowing the Department to factor this information into its budgeting and final structural design.
  • Maximising reassignment (and redeployment) opportunities for employees.
  • Significantly reducing the Department’s overall redundancy liability risk.

We want to hear from you!

We will be holding a two-hour Live Chat for members on Wednesday 14 December to hear from you and answer your questions.

We will be distributing log-in details on Wednesday morning, so make sure you put the date in your diary and have your say!

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