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Australian Unity ‘Voluntary’ staffing for retail pilot program

Australian Unity ‘Voluntary’ staffing for retail pilot program – December 2016 (PDF version)

Australian Unity has written to the PSA (CPSU) to outline arrangements for the new retail operation pilot.

Homecare employees in pilot sites will be invited to express interest in working Thursday evenings until 7pm and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm on a voluntary basis.

Employees who choose to work Saturday mornings will receive an additional 50 percent loading for hours worked on Saturday.

Weekly full-time contract hours will remain at 35 hours/week, and employees volunteering to work Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings will receive alternate hours off during the week to accommodate the change.

Any proposed change to an employee’s existing pattern of hours should be set out in the form of a written agreement with the employee.

Members affected by the change are encouraged to contact our Senior Industrial Officer, Thane Pearce at for assistance.

Access to time in lieu (flexi-time) for Cutover 2 and 3

Australian Unity has assured the PSA (CPSU) that staff who worked additional hours during Cutover 2 and 3 will be credited flexi time.

At our request, Australian Unity has agreed to review any flexi time claims on a case by case basis.

Members are encouraged to contact Thane Pearce for further assistance.

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