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Flexible work during Ramadan

Flexible work during Ramadan – 7 June 2017 (PDF Version)

Ramadan Kareem. The PSA would like to remind all members observing Ramadan that employees of all Public Service Agencies have access to leave entitlements and flexible work arrangements to observe days of religious significance.

Award conditions

Your award contains a provision of observance of essential religious or cultural obligations. Section 74 states that:

74.1   A staff member of:

74.1.1 Any religious faith who seeks leave for the purpose of observing essential religious obligations of that faith; or

74.1.2 Any ethnic or cultural background who seeks leave for the purpose of observing any essential cultural obligations, may be granted recreation/extended leave to credit, flex leave or leave without pay to do so.

74.2   Provided adequate notice as to the need for leave is given by the staff member to the Department and it is operationally convenient to release the staff member from duty, the Department Head must grant the leave applied for by the staff member in terms of this clause.

74.3   A staff member of any religious faith who seeks time off during daily working hours to attend to essential religious obligations of that faith, shall be granted such time off by the Department Head, subject to:

74.3.1 Adequate notice being given by the staff member;

74.3.2 Prior approval being obtained by the staff member; and

74.3.3 The time off being made up in the manner approved by the Department Head.

The PSA is committed to supporting diversity in the Public Service. If you need advice please contact our Member Support Centre on 1300 772679.




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