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Heritage NSW Members Survey Results

Thank you to the members who responded to the PSA Survey regarding the current Change Management Plan for Heritage NSW.  Results have been forwarded to the Department of Premier and Cabinet along with your further feedback.

The survey results speak for themselves.  This will inform further discussion with management.

Q1       Have you been impacted by a Public Service Restructure previously?

Yes:     80.77%

No:      19.23%


Q2       Have you discussed workload concerns with your Manager in the last 12 months?

Yes:     88.46%

No:      11.54%


Q3       With regards to your current workload, have you experienced, or are your currently experiencing, any of the following?  How often?


a) I suffer from work related anxiety and stress

Daily:         42.31%

Weekly:     30.77%

Monthly:    23.08%

Not at all:   3.85%


b) I have difficulty sleeping at night

Daily:         30.77%

Weekly:     30.77%

Monthly:    26.92%

Not at all:   11.54%


c) I feel I have withdrawn from personal relationships and social activities

Daily:         11.54%

Weekly:     26.92%

Monthly:    30.77%

Not at all:   30.77%


d) I work outside my recorded hours

Daily:         50%

Weekly:     26.92%

Monthly:    11.54%

Not at all:   11.54%


Q4       Has the proposed change had a negative impact on your mental health?

Yes:     88.46%

No:       11.54%


Q5       Did you find the communication of the Change Management Plan straight forward?

Yes:     3.85%

No:       96.15%


Q6       Are you aware of the resources provided by the Department to support employees’ mental health?

Yes:     84.62%

No:      15.38%


Q7       Do you feel the different functions of the newly created teams have been adequately explained?

Yes:     3.85%

No:      96.15%


Q8       Do you believe the proposed changes will lead to further workload issues?

Yes:     100%

No:      –


Q9       Do you think the work of Heritage NSW and its employees is understood and valued by the Department of Premier and Cabinet?

Yes:     3.85%

No:      96.15%


Q10     Are you concerned that these changes will limit Heritage NSW’s ability to perform its legislative functions?

Yes:     100%

No:      –


Q11     Do you feel you have all the information needed to make an informed decision on your next steps?

Yes:     3.85%

No:      96.15%


We are stronger together!

Please pass on this bulletin to your colleagues who may not be members and remind them of the benefits of belonging to the PSA. Non-members can join today at www.psa.asn.au/join.

Your PSA Industrial Staff:


Amy Lennox

Phoebe Dangerfield
Industrial Officer:

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