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Independent Review Office: Changes for Solutions Team

PSA has been advised of a change impacting the Solutions Team within the Independent Review Office (IRO).

We have been advised that, following a review of the use of Compressed Hours in the Solutions Team, IRO is now proposing that these staff instead have access to other standard flexible working arrangements, such as Flex Time, enjoyed by others in IRO and the public service more broadly.

The proposed changes are designed to allow the Solutions Team to have flexibility, while balancing the needs of the business.

The two-week consultation period started yesterday.

Staff are still entitled to request an individual Flexible Working Arrangement based on their circumstances, which may include Compressed Hours, or other flexible working arrangements.

The PSA encourages members to engage and take the opportunity to provide feedback. If you would prefer to provide deidentified feedback, please email your PSA A/Industrial Officer Amy Lennox at

For PSA members seeking more information about Flexible Working Arrangements broadly or how to request and individual agreements, please contact the Member Support Centre by calling 1800 772 679 or emailing

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