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IPART Joint Consultative Committee update

Your PSA representatives, with Delegates Lil Cullen and Felicity Hall, recently met with Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). The following is a report back to members on matters that were discussed:

COVID-19 update and current arrangements

The PSA has been advised there will be the continued implementation of current Flexible Working Arrangements. IPART reports that at this point in time it will be looking to encourage teams to get back together and look towards an eventual return to office. Discussions are being had with the Executive to determine how this will look like across the agency. Any return to office will be in line with the current COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Your PSA representatives have asked that expectations be communicated clearly to all staff to ensure their equitable application agency-wide.

Proposed variation to the Award

As members will be aware, IPART has proposed a variation to the Award to amend the Flexible Working Hours clause to extend the bandwidth and remove core hours. The PSA has raised WHS concerns with the proposal to increase the bandwidth to 10:00pm and sought response from IPART regarding how it intends to police the WHS aspect; particularly for employees who are not working remotely. IPART acknowledges this is a valid concern, one it had not envisaged and advised it would take it on notice and report back to the PSA.

IPART noted there is no expectation for the hours at either end of the spectrum to become routine hours of work, the flexibility is there for staff who wish to use it. While the PSA acknowledges that this may be the intention now, there is the opportunity for this to be misused further down the track. The PSA is also aware that there have been areas of concern in IPART where the current flexible working arrangements have caused issues with workflow and increased workloads.

The PSA will seek legal advice and continue to consult with IPART. We will be holding a members’ meeting to provide further updates and get your feedback.

Positive and productive workplaces

IPART has worked to contemporise the grievance process and harassment and discrimination materials. Most of the change has been centred on updating the grievance handling pathways to include different pathways rather than the one proscriptive flow chart. The PSA welcomes changes that allow members greater flexibility in choosing a handling approach best suited to their circumstance. Your PSA representatives will review the materials proposed and provide feedback to IPART.


Members raised concerns at the most recent members’ meeting in relation to the PSA not being invited to present at IPART inductions or other employee onboardings; PSA involvement in inductions plays a vital role in increasing visibility and strengthening our membership. The PSA thanks the quick work of your IPART delegates and an active member in actioning and resolving this concern. The issue was further raised during the JCC to cement the need for an embedded process that ensures there is an established opportunity for the PSA to present at group inductions.

The union has the right to present information at induction sessions for new staff and will be pursuing this issue. If you know of any new starters in your section, ask them if they are a PSA member. If they are not, now is a great time to encourage them to join at www.psa.asn.au.

IPART intranet

The PSA has had previous discussions with IPART regarding the posting of JCC information, bulletins, and other updates for members and non-members alike on the IPART Intranet. Your PSA Delegates are working closely with IPART to achieve this.

General business

In response to concerns raised by members, PSA representatives asked IPART to clarify the relationship between the Strategic Workforce Plan and other agency documents to ensure that staff are being held to consistent principles and responsibilities.



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