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It’s a Wrap for 2022: Transport for NSW year in review

This past year has been a big one, with the PSA successfully improving and protecting members’ conditions of employment at Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Whilst there is continued progress to be made with the year coming to a close and the challenges of 2023, including the state election, it is important to remember what we have to continue to fight for, and all that has been achieved this year:

Award negotiation

Whilst the pay rise of three per cent (including superannuation) was forced on the PSA by the Industrial Relations Commissions; the PSA was able to negotiate many improvements to your conditions:

  1. Provisions for gender-neutral parental leave. These provisions are reflective of the broader Government position.
  2. Improved domestic violence leave. These provisions are reflective of the broader government position.
  3. Right to disconnect from work. A clause championed by the unions, it was not at the initiative of TfNSW.
  4. Harmonisation across both Awards, bringing better conditions from both.
  5. A plan for managing workloads and flex time; this includes the potential for flex hours that would otherwise be forfeited to be paid out. More information will be coming about this.
  6. Consultation on professional development and change management.

With the unions successfully arguing for a one-year Award, we will have another round of negotiations next year.  With a state election in March 2023 and Labor committing to abolishing the wages cap, the PSA will be fighting for a proper pay rise for their members.

Flexi Time

The plan for managing forfeiture of flex was negotiated during Award negotiations. The plan included a working group that has managed to advocate for the following improvements:

  1. Rather than have to flex for the settlement period ending in August, and November 2022 carried over through an approval process, any flex that would be forfeited would be converted to TIL.
  2. For the settlement period ending in January, the flex that would be forfeited is to be paid out.
  3. Increased education and awareness of flex time, including targeted training for Senior Executives.

Without the PSA and transport unions, members would not have any action from TfNSW in relation to their flex time, including a value placed on that forfeited flex. The PSA acknowledges this is an ongoing piece, and in 2023 the transport unions and we will continue to advocate for and promote members’ interests.

Payroll: Restructure and Flexi Time

Over the past couple of years, not only have workers’ conditions in general been under sustained attack but those in payroll in particular. The PSA, as your union, has been there to defend your conditions and has accomplished substantially beneficial outcomes for members in payroll, including:

  1. Reversal of the written directive that your flex would be limited to three days per settlement period, not the six days contained within the Agreement.
  2. Addressing the out-of-control forfeiture of flex hours and winning compensation in either TIL or payment.
  3. Addressing the under-resourcing from the payroll restructure that resulted in reduced numbers in payroll, including at least 12 in trains payroll. The PSA has been in a protracted dispute and has accomplished a reassessment of the resourcing model, informing the structure and actual consultation on that model.  On top of that success, no one has been, at this point, forced to leave.
  4. Overcoming the proposal in the restructure delivered two years ago to increase workloads by moving taxation, exits, superannuation and other functions onto payroll jobs; those functions will remain where they are.
  5. After constant representation to management, reversing the limitation to 7 hours for working public holidays, which has been in place for two years.
  6. Disputing the Ways of Working Procedure, implemented two years ago:
    1. Initially, the dispute was related to the time stipulated to process each timesheet, and the union negotiated a limit of 10 timesheets to be allocated per pay cycle.
    2. We have continued to pursue this issue until the present time. You will have noticed a shift in recent times to less work allocation and the use of overtime to cover vacancies.
    3. TfNSW is reassessing the ways of working and has committed to consulting with the PSA, and employees have established a working group.

Consultation & Change

The aftermath of Evolving Transport and CFR continues; the PSA has accomplished positive outcomes for members.  TfNSW is taking steps to ensure the PSA and employees are consulted appropriately, where Roads and Maritime Services members took lower graded roles their salaries have been grandfathered, were RMS members are declared excess but have the protection of no forced redundancies, they will have access to priority assessment.

There is plenty of work that needs to continue in 2023, and will continue in the working groups established between TfNSW and the transport unions.  The PSA will continue to advocate for improved consultation in the hopes that the outcomes are fit for purpose and do not result in continual restructures.  As well as improved placement processes, in particular for the improved redeployment of impacted staff (i.e. before they are excess).

Fatigue Principles in the Transport Management Centre

The PSA, with the transport unions, has brought TfNSW to the table to negotiate fatigue and rostering principles for the Transport Management Centre.

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