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Join the campaign for manageable workloads, uphold the PSA bans and directions!

Planner - July 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA is continually fighting for members to have safe workplaces, manageable workloads and genuine access to their Award entitlements such as flex time and flexible work.

We want to thank all members that have upheld the directions below over the last year and are calling on all members to join with their colleagues to fight for manageable workloads and safe workplaces, here’s how you can play your part.

Why members need to follow the PSA directions on PDPs and massive workloads

We know the impacts of workplace violence such as threats and assaults, vicarious trauma and extreme workload can lead to psychological injuries affecting all workers in child protection, including admin support, caseworkers, managers, casework specialists, psychologists, casework support officers and legal officers.

This is demonstrated by the fact that shockingly the severity and incidence of FACS psychological claims exceeds both Ambulance and Police.

Take Action Now – band together with your colleagues to follow the PSA directions

Remember, only members are protected when following PSA directions, ask your colleagues to join today and be part of the PSA campaign in Community Services. 

Click HERE to join.

  1. PSA members are directed to use the Workload Planner (WLP) HERE and not accept or allocate cases beyond a worker’s contracted hours or agreed paid overtime hours. Any case that you cannot work on during a four-week WLP period should not be allocated to you. This means if a child/case has zero activity hours in your WLP, that child is not to be allocated to you on ChildStory.
  2. PSA members are directed not to work excessive and unsafe hours which results in the forfeiture of hours, such as working in excess of 14 hours’ credit in any flex period. Members are reminded it is a legal requirement to accurately record all hours on your flex sheet and demonstrates the actual time needed to deliver outcomes for vulnerable kids and families. If you do unpaid work (such as overtime that has not been approved) over a weekend, the PSA advises you to record the dates and hours worked in the section “Certified Correct” on your flex sheet.
  3. PSA members are directed not to complete their Performance Development Plan (PDP) including participation in the E-Learning modules, or take part in any Performance Development Program planning or implementation activities. The Career Plan section and Performance Development Career Planning Tool are exempt.

For further information you can refer to the 2019 PSA bulletin HERE.

Take the time now to set up your Workload Planner

The Workload Planner is a comprehensive tool developed by PSA delegates that work in child protection to assist caseworkers and their managers to manage workload. Following PSA representations to the DCJ Secretary, a joint PSA and DCJ consultative committee has been established. The objective is to create a more user-friendly tool as a mechanism to ensure fair and manageable workloads for Caseworkers.  This may take some time and we will update members on this process as it progresses.

The current Workload Planner was agreed between DCJ Communities and the PSA and has been promoted by both the union and senior management at Community Services.  The agreement to roll out the Workload Planner was co-signed by the Secretary of DCJ and Senior PSA Leadership and remains a tool supported by both organisations.

Now is a great time to set up your Workload Planner so that you and your direct supervisor can jointly manage your work safely and effectively.

Where to find the Workload Planner Tools

Download the Workload Planner HERE.

Download Workload Planner FAQs HERE.  

We continue to fight for you

The PSA will continue to lobby the Department and the Minister to take your concerns seriously and meet their legislative responsibilities by providing a safe workplace for members.

For further information, please contact your workplace delegate, departmental committee delegate or PSA organiser.


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