Legal challenge for truth on cuts - Public Service Association

Legal challenge for truth on cuts

PSA launches legal challenge to expose truth on NSW Government service cuts

The NSW Public Service Association has applied to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for details of NSW Government plans to cut public sector jobs and services around the State.

Earlier this year, the union lodged a GIPA (Government Information (Public Access)) request for access to Saving Implementation Plans – documents drawn up by Department heads outlining how each service area will meet the labour expenditure cap and efficiency dividend target.

The request was rejected, prompting the union’s appeal against the secrecy and lack of accountability around the Government’s plans to slash jobs and public services.

“The community has a right to know the details of the O’Farrell government’s secret plans for cuts to public services,” PSA Assistant Secretary Steve Turner said today.

“We know that 15,000 public service jobs will be cut, but the Government is hiding exactly where, or how these cuts will affect services.

“These cuts are going to have long-term consequences on communities and local economies, particularly in regional NSW where the impact of job losses is often felt most.

“Their impact will be deepened as changes made in to the Government Sector Employment Bill and a continued push for a casualised and diminished public service take effect.

“The O’Farrell Government is treating the public with contempt by keeping important information under lock and key, and hiding behind weak excuses to justify its lack of transparency.

“We urge the O’Farrell Government to come clean immediately on the Savings Implementations Plans and what they mean for public service jobs and communities,” Mr Turner said.

Legal challenge for truth on cuts (PDF)

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